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Amy Ammons Garza

The Fifth Strawberry

A story from the book Sterlen as told by Amy Ammons Garza

Amy Ammons Garza is a storyteller who tells tales of growing up in the North Carolina Mountains. As a child she sat at the foot of her grandfather and listened to tales of how her ancestors, seven generations past, were a part of those who traveled to Western NC and settled the isolated mountains. His stories intrigued her, and so she stored them away until she grew up and began to write about them. Now she has eleven books, three of which are a trilogy of her family's heritage. “All the stories are based on the experiences of our family," says Amy. “Grandpa said we are all carriers of our heritage.  My goal is instill in my audience the knowledge that we are all different, yet wonderful in our own way. ‘Story’ is a way to preserve and honor our past to help us know that we are each a link to the future of the family of mankind!"

Amy Ammons Garza as a storyteller and author has written 11 books.  The first three is the trilogy that tells the stories of her mountain family—her mother’s side from Wolf Mountain, and her father’s side from Ammons Mountain (actually Cullowhee Mountain).  The trilogy consists of  Retter, Cannie, and Sterlen.

Today’s podcast takes the listener to Wolf Mountain as Amy reads from her book Sterlen.  Sterlen's wife Marthie stomps away from him in anger and eventually runs into a Cherokee on Ammons Mountain who tells her the story of “The Fifth Strawberry.”  (To purchase the books, go to or click on the picture or Sterlen on your left)

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The  Old Mica Mine

A story from the book  Retter as told by Amy Ammons Garza

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The podcast for this month, “The Old Mica Mine,” is a story by Amy taken from her first book, Retter, A Novel of the Mountains. As the story opens, Retter and her husband Tom are off to spend the day together in the community of Caney Fork. As the story unfolds, the listener learns how a day was spent in the early 1900s in the mountainous terrain of western North Carolina…and how a simple day can take a different direction. (To purchase the books, go to or click on the picture or Retter on your left)

Amy has severa Books on CD’s - Click Here to see them