R. O. Wilson

A Traditional Mountain Man

Our Stories of Mountain Folk spotlight this month is R. O. Wilson from Cullowhee Mountain, who passed away in 2017. With this interview taken January 24, 2009, R. O. shares insights about planting by the signs (and even a little about moonshining by the signs).

 Born in 1933, R. O. Wilson worked in timber for fifty years, starting with a crosscut saw. He was also a craftsman, building a hand-hewed log cabin in 1982 at the World's Fair in Knoxville, TN. In 1983, he constructed a log cabin that was part of an exhibit for many years in the Mountain Heritage Center at Western Carolina University (WCU). R.O. demonstrated his crafts and talent at the Mountain Heritage Day for 42 years and received the Mountain Heritage Award at WCU in 2015.


R.O. Wilson

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